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Linda Johnson - In the Beginning
They Said
In the Beginning
Design, photography and illustration by Linda K Johnson
Text is an excerpt from Genesis 1:1-27
MATERIALS : CDs, mulberry paper and hemp rope.
PRINTED: inkjet with colored pencil enhancement
BINDING: hemp rope through the center
SIZE : 4.75" round (closed), 4.75" x 18" fully extended
DATE : 2000
EDITION: One-of-a-kind
In the Beginning, inspired by the theme Apocalypse, discusses animal extinction at the hands of hu-
mankind. Illustrations of animals that have become extinct in recent years due to human involve-
ment are juxtaposed with photographs of pollution, guns and habitat destruction. Excerpts from
Genesis 1:1-27 overprint the photographs. The pages of the book are round, the size of a CD. A self-
invented binding structure whereby a rope, knotted and frayed at both ends, runs through the mid-
dle of the pages.