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Linda Johnson - Bali, Land of the Gods
They Said
Bali, Land of the Gods
Written, design, photography and printing by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS : Mulberry papers, cinnamon stick, and rope
PRINTED: inkjet
BINDING: sewn around a cinnamon stick
SIZE : 12" x 9" x 11"
DATE : Copyright © 1995 Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 5, signed and numbered.
Bali, Land of the Gods is a visual/verbal interpretation of life and myth in Balinese culture.
The images are projected collages created using up to 5 projectors simultaneously. The pages are
printed on rice papers using an inkjet printer. The book is bound around a cinnamon stick so that the
pages revolve around the stick. The book is without a cover. The intent is that as the viewer reaches
the end of the story they return to the beginning, thus reflecting the belief in the renewal of life upon
death, an integral part of the Hindu-Balinese belief system. The stand is treated with vanilla oil to offer
the reader a multi-sensory experience. The cinnamon stick used in the bind and vanilla fragrance ref-
erence the abundant use of spices in Balinese rituals.
Distinguished Book Award, Miniature Book Society Exhibition, 2001.