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Linda Johnson - The Incomplete Guide to Milk and Honey
They Said
The Incomplete Guide to Milk and Honey
Written, designed and printed by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS : Japanese Rice, Twinrockers handmade and textured cover papers.
PRINTED: Letterpress printed from handset metal and wood type
BINDING: Dos-a-dos piano hinge
SIZE : 9" x 5" x 1.5" (closed)
DATE : Printed 1997, bound 1998.
EDITION: Limited edition of 5, signed and numbered.
This book was supported by a Visiting Artist Fellowship, School of the Arts, Ohio University.
The Incomplete Guide to Milk and Honey is a collection of stories about milk and honey.
The entire book was set in metal and wood type and letterpress printed on handmade papers. The
honey stories were printed on a Twinrockers western handmade paper. The warmth of the paper’s
beige color visually punctuates the honey stories. In contrast, the milk pages were printed on a soft
white Japanese rice paper. The pages have a folded fore edge and are bound using a dos-a-dos piano
hinge to reflect the duality of the content.