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Linda Johnson - Pearls of Wisdom
They Said
Pearls of Wisdom
MATERIALS : Sea shell, mulberry and Japanese rice papers.
PRINTED: Laser printed
SIZE : 3" x 3" x 1" in shell.
DATE : Copyright © 2001 Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 15, signed and numbered.
Pearls of Wisdom reveals the wisdom of the ages with a flower fold format and circular cut fore edge.
This miniature book is neatly encased in a shell, the proverbs being the pearls. It opens to nearly a full
circle. The book includes 14 ancient proverbs that reference earthly things and is laser printed on hand
dyed rice paper. The pages are folded and placed inside the outer structure made of flower inclusion
paper. The book offers a sense of delicacy in its miniature size, the translucency of the rice paper and
its fluttery presence.
AWARD: Distinguished Book Award, Miniature Book Society Exhibition, 2001.