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Linda Johnson - Fishy Tales
They Said
Design by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS : Canson translucent color paper and Hanji Korean paper
PRINTED: laser printed
BINDING: sewn bind. pop-up folds with pull tabs
SIZE : 3.5" x 2.5" x .25" (closed) 3.5" x 15" fully extended
DATE : 2004
EDITION: One-of-a-kind
Fishy Tales, is an experiment in pop-up and pull tab mechanisms. A series of funky fish jokes are
printed on translucent papers and folded in such a way that the answers are hidden until the viewer
pulls the tab opening a cut-out fish shape. The joke's answer is printed inside. Each joke can be read
page by page in a traditional book format or the entire structure can be fully opened creating a multi-
chambered fish complete with head and tail. The fish book is patiently waiting to have its paper en-
gineering more fully resolved before becoming a school of editioned fish.