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Linda Johnson - Loose Ends
They Said
Loose Ends $200.00
Designed, illustrated and bound by Linda K Johnson
Written by Kitty Oliver, Lynne Barrett, Kat Meads, Sally Hintz, Marjorie Klein, Lesli Johnson,
and Sharon Hatfield.
MATERIALS: Neenah Classic laid camel text, Neenah Classic laid green cover wt, and
tapestry cloth hard covers
PRINTED: Laser printed
BINDING: Sewn binding on the fore edge of concertina pages with tapestry covers.
SIZE: 9" x 6" x 1.5" closed
DATE: Copyright ©2002
EDITION: Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered.
Loose Ends, is a work of fiction written by seven women authors from across the United
States. The story and book evolved over time and space as each writer received the text that
the previous author(s) had written and then add a new segment—with the exception of Kitty
Oliver who wrote the story’s beginning. The book, with its tapestry covers and exposed sewn
binding was designed to reflect the story—the interwoven connections of four women’s
lives—as well as the writing process. Five illustrations designed and hand cut with an xacto
knife by Linda Johnson visually punctuate the events of the story. The accordion fold pages
are sewn onto the fore edge of the binding cover paper with seven different colors of thread.
The book is encased in hard covers wrapped with tapestry cloth.