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Linda Johnson - Twenty-Six Letters
They Said
Designed, printed and handbound by Linda K Johnson
Written by Lewis Carroll
Illustrations by Yvonne van Rietschoten based on original illustration style of Tenniel.
MATERIALS : Italian parchment text pages, Japanese paper envelopes with marble paper
lining, covers and box wrapped in Momi handmade papers.
PRINTED: Laser printed
BINDING: Piano Hinge
SIZE : 7" x 5" x 4.25" (in case)
DATE : 1998
EDITION: Limited edition of 20, signed and numbered.
Twenty-Six Letters is an abracaderium of letters written by Lewis Carroll. Inspired by his ability to play
with words the title and form of this artist book is itself a play on words. It uses both definitions of
the word “letters”—those of the alphabet and letters between friends. The 26 pages of the book are
envelopes, one for each letter of the alphabet, and each contains a letter to a friend. The book is case
bound using a piano hinge bind and comes in a box complete with a door and church key.