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Linda Johnson -The Cup Runneth Over
They Said
The Cup Runneth Over $175.00
Written, designed, illustrated and printed by Linda K Johnson
Frankfurt by Zerkall, German mouldmade paper.
PRINTED: Text pages: letterpress printed from polymer plates. Covers: digital color laser
BINDING: Accordion fold with hard covers
SIZE: 4.5"x4.5"x2.5" in Case
DATE: Copyright ©2000Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered.
The Cup Runneth Over is a series of six humorous autobiographical stories revolving around
the role that cups play in our everyday lives. Each story is housed in its own book, the size
of a coaster andpunctuated by illustrations. The interior text and illustrations were printed
on a Vandercook letterpress from polymer plates. The cover of each coaster book is a digital
color laser copy of a birds-eye-view photo looking down into the cup and its contents. The
six books and six stories, each the size of a coaster, come together as a set in a container simi-
lar in design to one that would hold coasters on an end table.