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Linda Johnson - On The Line
They Said
On The Line $125.00
Designed and printed by Linda K Johnson
Co-authored by Linda K. Johnson and Kristy Lewis.
Cotton muslin, mini-clothespins, cord
PRINTED: Silkscreen on cotton muslin text panels. Offset lithography on box
BINDING: Viewer interactive
SIZE: 5.5"x5.5"x.5" (in box)
DATE: Copyright ©1997Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 125, signed and numbered.
On the Line is an artist book that utilizes a non-traditional format designed to reflect the
content of the book. It is a collection of entertaining and somewhat obscure facts about
artists and designers. The little known facts are silkscreen printed on individual cotton
muslin panels. They are housed in a box that comes complete with a five foot clothesline
and twelve miniature clothespins. The book is designed to encourage the reader/viewer to
interact with the piece by symbolically hanging out the dirty linen, thus the name On the
Line. To collect the facts, letters were sent to artist, designers and art historians asking for
interesting tidbits about well known artists or designers. Twelve of the facts submitted
became the content for this artist book.
Women’s Studio Workshop Production Grant
Ontario Canada Crafts Council Design Award, The Art of the Book 98, Canadian Bookbinders
and Bookartist Guild’s International juried book arts exhibition. Toronto.
Excellence in Creative Humor Award, Book Exploration 98,
Merit Award, The 76th Art Directors Annual, Specialty and Limited Edition books Category. 1998.
Juror’s Choice Award, Turning the Page International Book Arts Exhibition 96. Hawaii