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Linda Johnson - An Old Lady, A Worm and a Few Other Critters
They Said
An Old Lady, A Worm and a Few Other Critters $100.00
Written, designed and illustrated by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS: Neenah Classic laid Baronial Ivory text and cover weight.
PRINTED: Ink jet
BINDING: Tunnel book with concertina fold side binding.
SIZE: 6" x 5" x 8" (fully opened)
DATE: Copyright ©2000 Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered.
An Old Lady, A Worm and a Few Other Critters, is an old folk rhyme that has been rewritten
with a South Florida twist. All of the plants and animals depicted in this humorous book are
indigenous to the Florida Everglades. The original illustrations were linoleum cuts and eraser
stamps scanned into the computer, digitally enhance and output to an ink jet printer. The
structure of the book is a tunnel book with thecenter of each page cut out. The pages are
attached at the sides with accordion panels that contain the text of the rhyme. The entire
book extends like an accordion so the viewer can look from one page to the next through
the center holes, viewing all 8 pagessimultaneously. The tunnel book structure emphasizes
thelandscape theme of the illustrated pages.