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Linda Johnson - Nightingale and the Rose
They Said
The Nightingale and the Rose $575.00
Written by Oscar Wilde
Design: Pochoir Illustrations and Printing by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS: Letterpress text, pochoir illustrations, Rives Heavyweight and Fabriano Tiziano
papers. Cloth hard covers with brocade fabric slipcase.
PRINTED: Text is Letterpress printed from polymer plates.
BINDING: Multi signature sewn onto tapes
SIZE: 11"x14.5"x.6" closed, 22"x14.5" open
DATE: 2005.
EDITION: Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered.
The Nightingale and The Rose, a classic Victorian story about sacrifice and unrequited love,
reaches deep within to touch ones heart and soul. Oscar Wilde, an Irish author, born in 1854
wrote The Nightingale and the Rosein 1888 as part of a collection of children’s stories.
Inspired by the words and awed by their meaning, the story is retold in this artist book
with letterpress printed text and watercolor pochoir illustrations as a large format book. The
illustrations, designed to form a border around the text, direct the viewer’s eye to the story
while providing visual context. The nightingale’s journey is conveyed as he moves through
the pages. The text is printed in a crimson red ink to symbolize the red of the rose and the
blood of the nightingale. The sixteen pages are sewn on bands and bound between cloth
wrapped hard covers. The book is housed in a brocade slip cover.