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Linda Johnson - They Said
They Said
Signed and printed by Linda K Johnson
MATERIALS: Cotton cloth
PRINTED: Letterpress from handset wood and metal type
BINDING: sewn into a quilt like structure
SIZE: 9" x 9" x .75" folded, 27" x 27" open.
DATE: Copyright © 2006 by Linda K Johnson
EDITION: Limited edition of 8.
They Said is autobiographic about the life changing experience that is breast cancer. The second leading cause of death in women, it is an experience shared by one in eight women. One side of the book, consisting of eight panels, shares thoughts, feelings and experiences from my journey through breast cancer. The reverse side with eight quilted panels each comprised of eight small squares represents the journeys of 64 other women. Printing first names, age of diagnosis and whether they are cancer free, the book highlights the range of ages at diagnosis, and the hope of survival. The text is minimal but intended for maximum impact; communicating and connecting with the viewer in a profound, unforgettable way. They Said currently on/scheduled for exhibit in multiple venues. Five of the eight copies are for sale with all proceeds being donated to breast cancer research.