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About - The Fine Art Book.com

Mission Statement:
The Fine Art Book.com is a colaboration between Professor Linda Johnson of Florida Atlantic University, and Professor Rick McCawley of Broward Community College, both Graphic Design Instructors.

Professor Johnson has been an award winning book artist for over 12 years. Professor McCawley was a student of hers and was inspried to create this site as a way to share the ideas of the Book Arts with those not familiar with this rich classic art form and it's many new avenues of expression.

Rick McCawley Linda K. Johnson is a designer, book artist and educator whose creative research is focused in narrative structure where content and form come together in the loosely defined form of a book. Currently teaching at Florida Atlantic University she received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. A love of handmade papers, unique book structures folktales and trivia has sparked her creative imagination and provided content for her artist books for the past decade. Her books have been exhibited in numerous National and International juried shows. Linda’s bookworks reside in collections both public and private including the Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Yale University, UCLA, University of Utah, Sackner Archives of Concrete and Visual Poetry and many others
Rick McCawley Rick McCawley is a photographer, designer and Professor of Graphic Design at Broward Community College, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He recieved his BS in Political Science from The University of Florida, his MA in photography from Barry University in 1999 and is currentlly working toward his MFA in Graphic design from FAU. Mr. McCawley worked for twelve years as a staff photographer at the Miami Herald (1980-1992), covering every event from the Overtown Riots of 1980, to Hurricane Andrew in 1991 (for which he was a part of the Puliter winning team). Other assignments included the Miami Dolphins, the 1st Space Shuttle Launch, and the first underwater photographer on the wreck of the Nuestra de Atocha, with Mel Fisher. His photos have appeared in Time, Newsweek, New York Times, and countless other publications. After the Herald, Mr. McCawley formed a company called Digital Renaissance, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in training in the digital tools for fourtune 500 companies and establishing Digital Curriculium in the Southeast.